When I had my second child I gained extra weight and wanted to find a way to loose it but in a way where i could make it part of my every day life, so I started cycling through local village. I have always loved to swim but I have always swam breast stroke and never had the courage to swim front crawl from a fear of putting my face in a breathing, but deep down I really wanted to try it! My mum started to have coaching sessions to learn the front crawl and the more I watched her the more I really wanted to do it, that’s when I decided to give some sessions a go and see how I felt. After only a few sessions I was swimming front crawl and feeling quite confident and now finding myself wanting to swim every day! However, having young children, swimming everyday is not possible so get in the pool whenever i can. My uncle is triathlete and after listening to him talk about his training and seeing how fit and motivated he is it’s made me really want to achieve the same. I have joined tri4girls because this is a journey that I want to take, to be apart of something that I love to do and to be among people who share the same passion. I’m feeling excited for the future and looking forward to see what I can achieve!

Rach (Assistant Coach)

I’ve been running since 2009 and started up doing race for life in memory of a friend I lost. Since then I have ran and keep on running with a passion. I then took up swimming to add a more variety and eventually I did my first sprint triathlon in 2013 to which I had no bike practice! That was it I was hooked! The variety of doing three disciplines kept things interesting but also made me realise “I can do this”. To date I have completed 8 Sprint Triathlons, 1 standard triathlon (in the Welsh mountains) and 1 half Ironman. I simply love Running, Swimming and biking and love the people you meet and the friends you make.

Lesley (Assistant Coach)

I’m not really sure how I ended up in 2016 facing the prospect of taking part in my first half ironman event at the age of 49 but here I am!!

Throughout my teens and twenties I dipped in and out of exercise, usually through fads and phases, when I gained a bit of weight I would go on a health drive, but it was hit and miss. Then in my 30’s I had a family and, as most mum’s out there will know, I stopped mattering altogether!! My needs were well and truly at the bottom of a long list and I inevitably gained a few pounds. But it made me so miserable to feel overweight and unhealthy. Having a family history of young breast cancer, and seeing both my mum and my sister go through mastectomy and cancer treatment. It hit me that prevention was better than cure, and I started to become very conscious of what I ate. After-all, what good would I be as a mum to 2 young kids if I was ill, or worse. So at 36 I started running. Inspired by my older sister who had just gone through a dual mastectomy, I entered my first Great North Run. I hated running, I wasn’t built for it and I was a plodder, but I did it, and I was hooked. I went back 3 years on the trot, but again my exercise was hit and miss and i got injured easily. I started to consider other forms of exercise and I set myself a challenge to learn to swim. At first I could only breast stroke, but I took to You Tube to teach myself to swim front crawl (badly). Then I got to know Jo, who had made the decision to get off her couch and take part in a sprint triathlon. Here was another lady who inspired me to not let my fear of the unknown stop me from taking part, so I joined her and we completed our first sprint triathlon in Brigg in 2014.

I joined a club, and I made some fabulous friends who were encouraging and inspiring. I never felt inadequate or inferior, because triathlon really isn’t like that. One thing that used to scare me was finishing last, but because the slowest competitors go out first you’re never last across the line, so it’s great!! I think to summarise I would say that for me, life is about setting a goal and achieving it, then setting the next one and so on. Those goals can be really small steps, swim a length, run a mile, cycle around the block, do 10 sit-ups. It’s the achieving one goal that leads to the next, and the next and suddenly here I am in 2016 leading to a half ironman triathlon. How the hell am I gonna do that?? With a little help from my friends here at Tri 4 Girlz, that’s how.


Two years ago, I went to the doctors feeling dreadful and was suffering from stress. I had a hard pill to swallow, change my lifestyle or go on medication.

I decided to take up swimming and did so for the next four months. I then decided to join a couch25k group. I was the slowest and steadiest, but I completed couch25K. I was then challenged to enter my first ever sprint Triathlon. I decided to do it for sponsorship to ensure I didn’t pull out. I completed my first sprint triathlon feeling like a million dollars and having raised £500 for Mencap. I felt awesome!!! And have never looked back. Tri4girlz has helped me improve on what I started with and this great bunch of girls know how to encourage everyone of any ability. Don’t look back and never tell yourself you can’t do it, because you really can!


Ive always enjoyed running and the freedom and versatility it has when I had small children and its a relatively cheap way of keeping yourself healthy. It wasn’t until the last 3 years as my family have grown up that I have became more involved in classes at the leisure centre and enjoying a few events and challenges like half marathons and Yorkshire warrior. A friend didn’t want her place at Brigg triathlon in the summer of 2014 and offered me to do it instead. Up until this point I didn’t know what this entailed however I agreed and it went from there. I had 4 swimming lessons and was shown how to do front crawl in a fashion and bought a second hand bike out of the Scunthorpe telegraph. After the event I was hooked. The transition from swim, bike and run were crazy and it fulfilled my challenge need. I have only attempted a sprint tri so far but this year with help from Tri4girlz and a bit of dutch courage Im hoping to achieve a Quadrathon and a standard open water triathlon too. Who knows, by the time Im Fifty i may move onto an Ironman. I can dream.


I have always been a very active person and have been into lots of different sports. My first sport was dancing and was my first love until I got into Tri. I got into triathlons through my boyfriend being an elite cyclist and my dad taking part in triathlons so it was a way for me to spend more time with them by jumping in some of there training sessions. So I started to train for a few months and decided to just enter a random unorganised triathlon and I have been hooked ever since! In the race I was just on a cheap bike, a borrowed wetsuit and it was one of the best races ever!! I absolutely love the sport and will never change sport again as I have what’s known as the “triathlon bug.”


I feel that as part of my job as a Sports Therapist I need to maintain a level of fitness, and also an understanding of how injury/ niggles can impact an active persons life. Triathlon is perfect for that… I get an insight into three sports for the price of one, so to speak, and have made some really great friends. I started from scratch with my swimming. After a couple of open water sprint tri’s in 2014 doing breaststroke I decided leaning to swim front crawl was vital to future comfort in a wetsuit! And that’s where the ‘Brilliant Beth’ came in! Since Feb 2015 I’ve gone from barely managing a length front crawl, to completing a half ironman, to entering an ironman distance swim, all in the space of 12 months. Tri4Girlz is going to be fantastic, there’s no pressure to be at a certain level, and everyone is so supportive of each other. You just can’t go wrong with swim/bike/run sessions – plus friendship/giggles/cake alongside it!!