Welcome to Tri4Girlz!

Hi ladies. Welcome to the dream team…

First of all, thank you so much for visiting our brand-spanking new website! We’re really proud of this little creation and hope you find answers to any questions you may have. We thought our first blog post would be the perfect opportunity to tell you why Tri4Girlz has been set up and introduce you to the head coach- Beth.

So… where did the idea of an all women’s triathlon club come from?

Hi ladies, my names Beth and i’m proud to say i’m the head coach of ┬áTri4Girlz. The idea stemmed from my career coaching swimming and specialising in swim technique analysis (basically improving peoples style of swimming). I ended up finding myself coaching predominantly triathletes and as time went by, the amount of females I was coaching increased significantly. After talking to my clients I started hearing the same stories about how disappointed they were when they went to their triathlon/cycling/running clubs and were being “dropped” during bike rides and group runs as they were unable to keep at the pace men were going at. This resulted in them feeling demoralised after sessions.

I then suggested that we all go out running, cycling and swimming together as a group of friends and this has managed to turn into a group of normal ladies setting up an All Women’s Tri Club. Each and everyone of us in our friendship group are different abilities, ages and come from different sporting backgrounds but this hasn’t stopped us from creating an all inclusive environment thats fun, friendly and beneficial.

The stories here on the website were written by the girls themselves and hopefully this will give you an insight into our club and what we’re about. We really care about each other and we can’t wait to have more women being part of that.

We really hope you decide to become part of Tri4Girlz and join us on our first training session on Tuesday 26th April. Go on ladies…be brave and take the plunge to become a Trigirl! xoxo


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